Apple vs PC

Question:  “Which platform is better, Apple or PC?”  Answer: “It Depends.”

For many years, the answer would have been, “Use an Apple computer for editing graphics, audio applications, etc.  Use a PC for number crunching and standard office tasks.”  But in recent years, the differences in capabilities of the two platforms have merged to where in most cases, either platform can be used for any task.  There are, however, cases where an application does run better on one platform than the other.

PC’s typically cost less than comparable Apple computers.  In many cases, the applications you run may be cheaper or free on a PC.  But the price difference is usually not extreme.

Apples, can get computer viruses, but are less prone to do so. On the PC side, the free antivirus built into Windows is considered just as good or better than the purchased add-on antivirus programs.

So, in most cases, it comes down to user preference.  If you have always used a PC, then switching to an Apple will come with a learning curve.  The same is true for those who have always used an Apple and switch to a PC.

In other cases, you may need to run an application that runs better or possibly is only available on one platform or the other.  For example, ProPresenter has versions written for both platforms.  But most people who use it with multiple monitors and who use a lot of the bells and whistles built into it, say that it runs better on the Apple platform.  In those cases, you would want the platform recommended by the writer of the application.