Facebook Page Administration

Many companies want a Facebook presence, but don’t have the time to correctly setup a Facebook page and maintain it. We can administer your Facebook page for you. During initial meetings, we will obtain the necessary information from you to start your Facebook page. We will also discuss with you the type of information we will need on an ongoing basis to keep your page current.

Our rates for managing your Facebook page are $95 per month.

We will:

• Setup Facebook page with information supplied by client.
• As needed, monitor posts and comments by others on the Facebook page.
• Up to twice per week, add content to page. Content to be supplied by client.
• Once per month, review Insights and make recommendations.
• Once per quarter, review company information contained on the Facebook page.

Our Web Hosting is 100%

Pingdom 100

We recently changed our web hosting to a cloud based VPS. Since then, the sites on our web hosting have seen a dramatic improvement in performance. Downtime was at 0 hours 0 minutes this past month. This is just one example of how we continue to to increase the quality and reliability of our services. Even when the quality was "good enough" before, we strive for 100%!!

Is this Your Company WIFI?

wifi old

Is it time to replace your consumer grade WIFI routers with a true WIFI system? Companies are increasingly depending upon WIFI to deliver mission critical information to their employees. Employees need to move around the office with smart-phone apps and tablets to discuss business issues with other employees. They are no longer tied to their desk. Venues that host large groups need to be able to accommodate the WIFI needs of their guests. We have the knowledge and experience to install professional grade WIFI systems that take into account not only WIFI range but also WIFI load.

Windows 10 Upgrade Tip of the Day

Before upgrading your Windows 8 PC to Windows 10, you need to disable "Secure Boot" in the system's BIOS. This "feature" is designed to prevent booting from CD's DVD's Flash Drive's, etc that may contain viruses. It can also cause your Windows 8 PC to boot to a black screen in the middle of the Windows 10 Upgrade process. If this happens, you need to edit your system BIOS, disable the Secure Boot and enable Legacy Boot. The exact steps for doing this are dependent upon your particular model of computer.

Our Backup Plans just got Beefier

Due to the popularity of our Online Backup plans, I’m now able to offer these plans with much more memory and lower per Gig prices. For each plan, I’ve doubled the amount of included backup and I’ve cut in half the amount you pay per Gigabyte over the plan. As always, I will check your data usage and calculate the best plan for you. For example, someone with 100 Gig’s of data would have been on the Server III plan and would have paid $174.95 per month. Under the new plans, this same person would be on the Server II plan with 20 Gig’s of overage.