Iphone and ICloud


I set up an IPhone and ICloud so that Outlook contacts, calendar, etc would sync with the phone. I learned that if the PC is running Windows 7, ICloud will not work if the default "Documents" location is on a network drive.

Cisco Pix Firewall

Cisco Pix Firewall

If you have an old Cisco Pix Firewall and your users are complaining that they intermittently cannot get to the Internet, then it may be time to retire your firewall. The old Pix firewalls were sold with a license for either 10 or 50 Internet users. Back then, when not everyone used the Internet, that was not a big problem. Today, when everyone uses it including your copy machines and all of those iPhones and Android devices, 10 licenses is not enough. The first ten will get a connection and everyone else is out of luck.

Sage ACT and iPhone

Today I set up a client in Asheville with Companion Link. This software allows you to see your Sage Act data on your iPhone. Setup was a breeze, unlike some other products we tried.