Back in the USA

I'm back in the States from my mission trip in Nicaragua. I apologize to all who had issues with your web sites or email while I was gone. The company that provides the servers for my hosting packages decided to move all of my clients to a new, faster, better, server the morning I was scheduled to leave. They did not tell me they were going to do this. I believe most of the issues have been taken care of by now, but there are still a few issues I'm working on. I'll again be having serious discussions with this company for not telling me ahead of time what they were going to do.

Fighting Viruses


When your computer is sick, it never hurts to get a cat scan. :-)

The first line of defense in the war against computer viruses is simply to be alert when opening your email. Most of today's viruses are transmitted via emails that appear to come from legitimate sources. If you are not expecting a package from UPS, don't open that UPS attachment giving you instructions on how to get your package that could not be delivered. (UPS will hang a tag on your door if you are not at home.)




Here is a great way to synchronize files between your PC's, Macs, Android devices, and Iphones. Sign in for a free account at DropBox.


Mission Trip

Nicaragua Mission Trip

I will be out of town from March 26th through April 2nd for a Nicaragua Mission trip. If you have a computer emergency that cannot wait until I get back, you can call One Who Serves at (828) 251-1111. Let them know that you are one of my clients when you call and they will be happy to take care of you.