New and Improved Web Hosting Services (But Wait!! There’s More!!!)

But Wait!  There's More!!

Over the last few weeks, we have transitioned all of our web and email hosting clients to a new type of hosting server. The main factor driving this change was to give us better control of our email delivery. Under the old system our email IP address was frequently considered suspect for spam. This reduced the ability of some of our emails to reach some of our recipients. The new system gives us more control over some key email settings and also isolates our IP address from others who may have been using it to send out spam. After an initial short term hit in our ratings caused simply by changing IP addresses, I believe we have achieved our goals of more reliable email delivery.

The new system also gives us better control over our own spam settings. We are already seeing a massive reduction in the amount of spam getting through. I am continuing to adjust the anti-spam settings on a daily basis. The system is also learning what we consider spam and what we consider good email. As time goes on, the system should get even better at determining which emails are spam.

Our web sites should be coming up more quickly now as well. Under the new system, I can better maintain a proper server load. Under the old system, I could tell when the load was high, but I couldn’t do much about it. I now have the ability to increase resources as needed if our load starts getting too high. I also have the ability to monitor server processes and see which are using more than average resources.

There were a few bumps in the road as we made this transition, and I again apologize to those clients that were affected by those bumps. Your understanding has been greatly appreciated. The dust appears to be settling, and I foresee only minor tweaking of settings going forward.