Fighting Viruses


When your computer is sick, it never hurts to get a cat scan. :-)

The first line of defense in the war against computer viruses is simply to be alert when opening your email. Most of today's viruses are transmitted via emails that appear to come from legitimate sources. If you are not expecting a package from UPS, don't open that UPS attachment giving you instructions on how to get your package that could not be delivered. (UPS will hang a tag on your door if you are not at home.)

All computers should have antivirus software installed. For home users, the free antivirus packages work well. Some of the more popular free antivirus programs include:

Microsoft Security Essentials

Of course, no antivirus program is 100% effective. You may still occasionally get a virus or some other type of unwanted program. You may then need to use some of the following tools to scan for and remove such programs:

Kaspersky Tools

Each virus infection is different. Some can be removed easily with the tools listed above. Others may require a reformat and reload of the operating system and all of your programs and data. Give me a call if your computer has excessive pop-ups or is running slow.